hotvalery26: And at my biggest weight I was wearing stretched out 52 inch waist hotvalery26 that looked like upside down tents. So buying these briefs, which you've probably seen (the horizontal striped ones are among the set), was a breakthrough for me. Yes, you can have breakthroughs buying underwear, apparently. I first bought them as a lark, but then I started to admire the way they looked on hotvalery26 new body.
xxxgay:(Love those!) Other surprising tricks, games, and whatever. Note that if you want me to do a show hotvalery26 for you, I need to C2C with hotvalery26 first.
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muchosucko:You shall not copy or download any User-Submitted Content by any means or for any purpose. You agree to not engage in the use, copying, or distribution of any of the Content, including any use, copying, or distribution of User-Submitted Content hotvalery26 third parties obtained through hotvalery26 website for any commercial purposes. Copyright 2015.
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I first bought them as a lark, but then I started to admire the way they looked on my new body. And somewhere in there came the idea to try woman's panties too, in addition to buying more sexy mens underwear. I have a bad habit of overdoing the purchase of things related to a new interest. Anyway, I now have at least 20 pairs of underwear that hotvalery26 not tightie whities, some women's, and one leopard print which I actually "stole" from our apartment's laundry room. (No, I didn't ransack a laundry basket. It was lying on the floor. ) Anyway - I again am not completely sure how I got to this point, but it seems to be ok. So much of this is against my "normal" hotvalery26 that I question it sometimes. update 11282015 Gay bi straight whaaaaaat. I just ended (or had ended for me) a pretty intense but short relationship with a woman. She was divorced, and when telling me about her life, she said the decision was made by hotvalery26 to divorce instantly when she saw her husband jerking off to a guy jerking off on his pc. This was like 10 years ago. Anyways, the subject of her husband's gayness came up occasionally, and I would ask again about what he actually did, and she just mentioned the jerking off. And I got to thinking - her husband's not gay, at least not based on that one time thing.

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